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Basic Website Design

Having a website today is like having a phone book ad years back. More and more people are exclusively using the World Wide Web to research their goods and services.

Direct I Contact Productions realizes that getting on the web is a must so we’ve become a company that you can trust. Not only can we design a custom Website for you, but also we can do it for any size business with any budget.

Basic website design is good if you want to get on the web and show some of your products and services and let customers know how to contact and locate you.

When we design your Basic Website here is what you get.
We use your logo and color scheme throughout your website template.
We start off with the following pages.


Products / Servicesbasic website

Locate Us

Contact Us.

The Home page will give a general overview of your business. This page will have text and photos.

The Products / Services page will give more specifics on your products and services. Here you can use photos or text to describe your business and what products and services.

The Locate Us page uses Google maps to put an interactive map where your clients can locate your business

The Contact Us page uses a form where the client can email you. This form is very customizable and it a useful tool to help eliminate unwanted mail bots

If you want changes to your Website you can email our Artwork Department and see your changes typically within 48 hours.

With the CMS package, you also get the following.
Domain Registration. We start off with your domain name. This is the way your customers find your website. Typically this is either a .com or .ca name associated with your business. or .ca. The .ca domain name is unique to Canada only. If you want to let your customers know you’re a Canadian business the .ca domain is the way to go. For the first year your domain registration is FREE. After that, you are billed once a year for the domain name.
Website Hosting. Next is hosting. Being that you are getting a basic website design you won’t need a lot of bandwidth. With your new site, you will receive 3 months of FREE hosting to get you going. After that hosting is billed yearly and for basic websites the cost it less than $1 per day.

Website Design. When we design your website we use your logo and color scheme to promote your business branding. As a part of the package, if you are in Saskatoon or surrounding areas we can visit your location to professional shoot your store and staff if you chose to add biography pages to your website.

Look here to see a LIVE sample of a Basic Website Design.